I am a Backpacker. I am a Filipina.

Backpacking is not very common to Filipinos. I know there are few backpacker bloggers from the Philippines but only few.

I literally have one backpack with me weighing about 8 kg the last time I checked. I only have a week worth of clothes so I just keep washing them. I avoid buying anything I don’t need since I don’t want to carry a heavy bag around and I don’t have much space.

When I went through immigration in the Philippines, I didn’t have a return ticket. I had a flight to Singapore and to Vietnam. I told the immigration officer that I am going to travel some countries in South East Asia by land so I don’t know when I am coming back and from which country. She did not quite get the fact that I am traveling alone with a small backpack. She stamped my passport and told me to take care and make sure I come back. 🙂

I encourage other people specially my fellow Filipinos to travel if you can. Travel when you can and travel while you can.

Get your backpack and go somewhere. Meet interesting people. Eat interesting food. Have an adventure. Be careful and have your mind blown.

When you come back, you’re going to see your town or your country differently. You’re going to get a sense of what this amazing world we live in really looks like. You’re going to have a taste of the fulfillment of life.

Be a traveler instead of a tourist. Travel to lose yourself and then travel again to find yourself. Travel to open your heart and eyes.

About the author iamryshel

I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. I am outgoing but I also love to spend time alone, live for "being yourself". I love new situations and to meet new people.

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  1. Hi ryshel! I really enjoying your travel experiences. I’m not a backpacker like you but I do travel. But I’d like to do travel like you as a backpacker someday. Yes I too strongly encourage to our fellow Filipinos to travel and see the world! Happy traveling ryshel!



    1. Hi Elvie, I’m glad to hear from you. For me, being spontaneous works well most of the time. You just have to do it! 😉 May you have more travelings to come.



  2. When u decide to cross continent, come to Hawaii! I would love to meet you!



    1. I’d love to! Will let you know if and when. 😉



  3. […] to travel funds. I then quit my job in June 2014 and took off to Singapore in July  where my whole backpacking started. I traveled solo for total of 10 months in Asia where I had such a wonderful experience by […]



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