Month: July 2015

TransMilenio in Bogota, Colombia

I took this photo yesterday, Friday at exactly 5:50PM. That was during the rush hour! Look at that lane on the side dedicated for TransMilenio buses for faster travel and ensure that buses are not delayed by mixed traffic congestion.     I’ve been in Bogota, Colombia for exactly a month now. For the last two…

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Downtown Bogota

My Colombian friend was kind enough to show me downtown Bogota on my second weekend in Colombia. We first had a very good and huge meal at Mama Lupe’s. My favorite was the tamal!     Then we just walked around and I got to see these beautiful architecture.                  There’s more to…

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1st weekend in Colombia

Julian is a Colombian guy I met in Kuala Lumpur when I was backpacking in Malaysia. I contacted him prior to coming here. He is nice enough to set up a weekend with his family to go out of town. We took a road trip to Villa De Leyva with his mom, brother, sister in…

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