The Indian Wedding

I remember when I first visited India in 2014, I desparately wanted to attend an Indian wedding but there was none. 

April 2016, I had to go back to India for the wedding of my very good Indian and Filipino friends. It’s such a previlege to experience this culture. 

First night was all about dancing. People danced nonstop. It’s to show that they are happy for the groom and the bride. 

The next day was the actual wedding. The family of the groom had to welcome him like a very special person. From the street, still a lot of dancing. 

The groom!

The bride!

The ceremony!

And the reception happened at night. 

With the family of the bride!

The married couple! Just beautiful!

I’m so happy for them! I’m so happy that I am blessed enough to experience something like this. πŸ™‚

Medellin, Colombia

I chose to visit Medellin for 3 days to spend my last week in Colombia. As many people know the history of this city, I did not feel unsafe at all. The city is definitely more laid back than Bogota. I liked Medellin a lot. Here are some photos as I cannot give much details for this either due to I’m behind. πŸ™‚

I took the famous cable car to Arvi Park.

And a day tour to Guatape.

Colombia has so much to offer. So sad, I had to leave. 

Northern Colombia

It’s my last month in Colombia and I chose to go to Santa Marta for a week. First impression right when I got out of the airport? Lovely! The bus station is right in front of the ocean. As I am behind on my  blog. I can’t say much details so I’ll post photos instead to share my experience. These are all I got to do in a week in the northern part of Colombia.

Beautiful sunset in the city of Santa Marta

Couple nights in Tayrona National Park

Jungle day tour in Minca

A relaxing day in Taganga Beach

And my favorite part of this trip…Cabo de la Vela.