Month: May 2016

The Indian Wedding

I remember when I first visited India in 2014, I desparately wanted to attend an Indian wedding but there was none.  April 2016, I had to go back to India for the wedding of my very good Indian and Filipino friends. It’s such a previlege to experience this culture.  First night was all about dancing.…

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Medellin, Colombia

I chose to visit Medellin for 3 days to spend my last week in Colombia. As many people know the history of this city, I did not feel unsafe at all. The city is definitely more laid back than Bogota. I liked Medellin a lot. Here are some photos as I cannot give much details…

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Northern Colombia

It’s my last month in Colombia and I chose to go to Santa Marta for a week. First impression right when I got out of the airport? Lovely! The bus station is right in front of the ocean. As I am behind on my  blog. I can’t say much details so I’ll post photos instead…

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