Proud same sex couple…

While waiting to board my plane back to Bogota from Santa Marta, an inspiring couple was sitting next to me. Two men who weren’t ashamed of their relationship. They were holding each other’s hand and they were kissing from time to time. I couldn’t help but approach them to ask for permission if I can write this experience of mine since this is the first time I’ve seen something like this in my own eyes. I am not the type to take a photo of other people and post it online. I believe in respect and privacy so I asked for their permission but instead, they took my whatsapp and sent me three of their pictures they agreed on to share in public.

I have no idea what other people were thinking while looking at them but for me, I don’t get to see a couple like this very often, in fact this is the first. I had to tell them that I am proud of them for being the couple that they are. They are not afraid to show in public that they are a couple with the same sex. They don’t care about what other people would talk about them. They showed their love for each other despite whatever discrimination this society has.

Fernando is Colombian while Benjamin is French. I only got to talk to them for a few minutes since we had to board the plane but to have met a couple like them is a nice experience for me. They’re such a sweet couple. πŸ™‚

Β Β 
Like I’ve mentioned on my other posts before, traveling made me a totally different person. I became more open-minded and less judgmental. I think that wherever you came from, no matter how big or small your house is (or even if you are homeless), whatever your color is, whatever you look like, whatever degree you have, whatever car you drive or job you have, whether you are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender,
 any of these is not a basis whether you or I is the better person.

We are all humans after all. No one is perfect. Everyone has the rights to make their own choices in life. All people may not agree on the choices we make but the least they can do is to respect. And that goes both ways, whoever you are. πŸ™‚

Laguna de Tota

Just 3 days after my Cartagena trip, I traveled to Laguna de Tota in Boyaca with two of my students, Richard and Luis. 

It took us about 7 hours to get to our destination. We arrived late at night. 


The whole purpose was to camp so yes, we slept in the tent.  This place was so cold. It was around 7 degrees celcius that night! Brrrr! It was freezing that I didn’t sleep well. 


But this what we woke up to. Beautiful! Just beautiful! 

Before we headed back to Bogota, We visited the nearby towns and Playa Blanca. Went also went on a boat tour. 

It was such a short weekend trip but I’d say this is one of my favorite places in Colombia. 

 Coming back only took us 5 hours. Then back to reality…work! πŸ˜‰

Solo travel to Cartagena

Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th is a holiday in Colombia so I decided to take an extra day off from work for a 4-day weekend. As usual, I impulsively bought a roundtrip ticket costing around USD 93 from Bogota to Cartagena through my favorite affordable airline VivaColombia. 

I heard so much about Cafe Del Mar so this is the first place I visited when I arrived. The place was crowded because it’s a perfect place for sunset. 

The next day, I explored Castillo San Felipe de Barajas. I opted for an audio tour since I wanted to know the history. I’d say it’s interesting and worth it. The weather was super hot to be doing this though. 

On my technically second day, I went on a day tour to Baru Island. 

 While on a boat tour, there was actually people selling fresh seafood in the middle of the ocean. I got this delicious lobster for about USD 3. 

I also met these people (Colombians and Spanish) who were nice enough to translate for me and invited me to join their group while on a tour. πŸ™‚ 
Baru Island was okay. I’ve been to a much nicer beach so I was not that impressed. It was worth visiting though.  

On my third day, I explored the walled city. 


I also visited Cafe del Mural. 

I discovered this little ceviche place called La Laguna Azul in Centro Comercial Getsemani. Their Ceviche Bomba was truly a bomb.

I had to go back and tried something else.I love this place! 

On my last day/night, I wanted to make the most out of Cartagena by choosing to spend time at Cafe del Mar. They don’t open until 5pm but I went there around 4pm, picked a perfect table, watched the water, the cars, the people, the birds and the sun. I relaxed until I they opened. 

Ordered their ceviche and piΓ±acolada which cost around USD 15. Expensive? Yes! But hey, I was paying for the view! 

This is my favorite photo taken by my server. A perfect photo! 

So there, I got to visit Cartagena, Colombia. Traveled solo as usual and enjoyed it a lot! 😊