Month: November 2014

Fredie Garcia Photography

I must admit that I am a frustrated model. My sister recently got a job at a studio as marketing assistant. I met her co-worker/friend Fredie Resurreccion Garcia and we suddenly decided to have a photo shoot. He was our make-up artist as well. He did a great job and so did I. 🙂 Here…

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Easy Access Countries for Filipinos

Not too long ago, I posted about how cool backpacking is– I wanted to know all the countries where a Philippine passport holder like me can access without applying for a visa so I decided to collate and post the information here which I got from Let’s start with the members of The…

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28 on October 28th

So, I turned 28 on October 28th. I celebrated it with different people on different days. 😊 First was a barbecue party with my former teammates from my last job. Second was with my former co-workers from my first ever job in 2007 who are still my good friends until now. Third was with my…

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