Muang Ngoi Neua, Laos

Out of curiosity, I took a boat from Nong Khiaw which cost 25,000 KIP to get to this tiny riverside village in Northern Laos named Muang Ngoi Neua. There are only two boat trips daily which depart at 11AM and 2PM. Since the tourists from Luang Prabang usually catch the 2PM boat I chose the 11AM. Don’t expect to have life jackets here.


It was a beautiful 1 hour boat ride as I expected.

IMG_5397.JPG IMG_5399.JPG IMG_5401.JPG

When the boat landed, we were greeted by the owners of guesthouse. I checked a few nice bungalows but I ended up staying at Lattanavongsa Guesthouse for 50,000 KIP for a night only because it’s the only guesthouse that has wifi which is accessible in the room. I’m traveling alone and wifi access is a requirement. 🙂

The guy who assisted me to check in was not friendly at all. Not sure if he is the owner though. He seemed unhappy all the time but I like the fact that they have a beautiful garden and the room is very spacious and to my surprise, their wifi is pretty fast.

IMG_5392.JPG IMG_5391.JPG IMG_5393.JPG

I went to Ning Ning Restaurant for lunch. They have a nice river view. The food was just okay. I was so disappointed though that the mango shake did not taste like mango at all.

I went for a walk to see this tiny village. Small but beautiful. Indeed this village is more laid back than Nong Khiaw.

IMG_5394.JPG IMG_5445.JPG IMG_5429.JPG IMG_5430.JPG

I saw a sign pointing to “Phanoy Cave”. It says 15 minutes walk so I went.


I looked back and here’s the view so I did my usual selfie! 🙂


After a few meters walk, I saw another sign which is the entrance to the forest.


I continued to walk even though I was alone. I was like, “what the hell am I doing” inside a forest literally by myself. I kept going anyway. I was a LITTLE scared! Just a little! The 15 minutes seemed to be too long. I see nothing but big trees, I hear nothing but insects chirping, I see nothing but butterflies flying which was nice by the way.

Finally, I reached! Oh no, not yet. I got to the entrance and there was one guy there. I had to pay 10,000 KIP then he opened the bamboo gate for me. It says another 10 minutes to go up.


I was still alone. It was high going up and of course, I was exhausted and sweaty. I finally reached the top. I think this is the top!

IMG_5440.JPG IMG_5438.JPG IMG_5439.JPG IMG_5432.JPG

I didn’t have the courage to go inside the cave because it was dark and I was alone. I reached the viewpoint which all that matters to me, I guess! I did not stay for long. I went back down after about 5 minutes on top.

Before I know it, it’s dark. What is it there to do in this tiny village at night? I decided to go to the Riverbeach Restaurant and Bar. They have an amazing ambiance and relaxing music.

IMG_5450.JPG IMG_5449.JPG

I ordered mango shake and it did not taste like mango as well. Sigh! I hang out here for couple hours and called it a day.

Muang Ngoi Neua is such a beautiful place but for some reason, I think this little village is cold. I did not feel the warm welcoming place like other places I’ve been. I must say that like Nong Khiaw better. This is just me!


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