Month: December 2014

A Day In Penang, Malaysia

I met two Chinese girls in Kimberely House. As we wait for check in at 2PM, we decided to check out the Street Art in George Town. I’m glad to be with them because they speak Malay. 😉 There were all kinds of fun painting on the wall. Then we found this bakery! Man, they…

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Kuala Lumpur to Penang

I finally got to travel by train! LoL! So here’s what the train looks like. We left at 10:05PM. I didn’t sleep well. The bed was perfect size for me. It was comfy but despite the antibacterial I sprayed all over the bed and pillow, I was still itching a little while on that bed…

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Christmas in Singapore!

I just wanted to go back to Thailand to continue my unfinished volunteering and backpacking there last October. It was cheaper to fly from Manila to Singapore so I decided to take it and travel by land to Thailand later. I spent my Christmas with my friend and a whole bunch of her friends from…

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