A Day In Penang, Malaysia

I met two Chinese girls in Kimberely House.


As we wait for check in at 2PM, we decided to check out the Street Art in George Town. I’m glad to be with them because they speak Malay. πŸ˜‰


There were all kinds of fun painting on the wall.





Then we found this bakery! Man, they were delicious!




After I checked it and freshened up, I went alone to the Penang Botanical Garden. From Kamtor bus station, I took bus number 10 and paid MYR 2. The garden is the last stop so you don’t need to worry about where to get off. It took about 35 minutes.





It was time for dinner when I got back to the hostel. The street was suddenly full of food vendor. I found out that Kimberely Street is turned to a hawker center at night so of course I ate there. For just MYR 6, I got this tom yum soup where I chose what to put on my noodles.


Kuala Lumpur to Penang

I finally got to travel by train! LoL!

So here’s what the train looks like.



We left at 10:05PM. I didn’t sleep well. The bed was perfect size for me. It was comfy but despite the antibacterial I sprayed all over the bed and pillow, I was still itching a little while on that bed plus the train was stopping at different stations. I thought it would go straight to my destination. LoL!

After I got some sleep, I finally decided to get ready by 4:45AM because it says on my ticket it will reach at 5:25AM. I suddenly saw Butterworth Station at 5:15AM. Approximately 5 minutes before, I heard a guy was saying something but I couldn’t understand him. I guess that was to let us know we’re getting off shortly!

There were at least 5 other backpackers so I just went with them to find out where the ferry terminal is. It was just about 10 minutes walk from the train terminal. The stairs could be challenging for those with trolleys but not for me with just a backpack on.

For some reason, we only paid RM1 instead of RM1.20 posted. We boarded this weird ferry at 6AM and departed at 6:07AM.


We arrived at 6:25AM. There are buses right after the exit. I took a bus to Komtar Bus Station and paid RM1.40.

From the bus stop, I walked to my target hostel which is Kimberely House and luckily they have available bed for me.


Right beside the guest house, there’s a dimsum place. The customer said this is the best dimsum place in town so I tried it while waiting for check in. Indeed it was good for reasonable price and the staff was friendly.



First impression? I immediately got a good vibe when I got off the ferry. Already wishing I could spend more days here in Penang.

Singapore to Malaysia by land…

I decided I’d go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today.


I arrived in Suntec City Bus Station at 8:25AM. Luckily, there was one available seat to Kuala, Lumpur to leave at 8:30AM so I got my ticket for S$25.


We left on time and after an hour we arrived in departure area for our exit stamp. It was pretty fast. However, it took us at least 2 hours to get to the immigration in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and another hour for everyone to finish getting their entry stamp. It was pretty busy since it’s right after Christmas and it was raining. As we all know, it’s “slippery when wet”. I saw accidents along the way which caused traffic. We stopped somewhere for 30 minutes to have our lunch.

We got dropped off beside Berjaya Times Square. We arrived at 6:15PM! That took almost 10 hours! Seriously? From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur! Oh well, at least I made it safely.

With the help of my awesome offline map CityMaps2Go, I found out that there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses behind Berjaya Times Square. I chose UFO Capsule Hotel for MYR 30 per night. They have a pretty cool dorm beds which are box type. They have separate section for male and female. When I arrived here, I was greeted with 2 Filipinas working here so that was another nice thing.


After I got settled in, I went to Berjaya Times Square and took Monorail to KL Sentral to buy my train ticket to Thailand.


I leave at 10PM tomorrow the 27th and will arrive around noon on the 30th. Unfortunately, I have to stay overnight in Butterworth. I don’t know what is in there but I’m kinda looking forward to it since it’s a place I’ve never been. I’ll figure out where to stay once I get there. This trip is the best I could get for MYR 150 which is not bad compare to the cheapest flight I found for MYR 330. I never traveled by train like this so I’m excited despite the long travel hours.

Christmas in Singapore!

I just wanted to go back to Thailand to continue my unfinished volunteering and backpacking there last October. It was cheaper to fly from Manila to Singapore so I decided to take it and travel by land to Thailand later. I spent my Christmas with my friend and a whole bunch of her friends from church. We had lots of food. Lots of fun. Certainly worth it.




https://www.cebupacificair.com/ is an airline from the Philippines. This may not be considered as a nice airline but it sure is affordable and most of my travel out of the Philippines made possible by this airline. Most of the flights are delay but NOT all. They may not have the best customer service either. They don’t serve food nor drinks for free but of course you can purchase online or on board. You literally get what you pay for. Despite all the cons, I’m still thankful to Cebu Pacific for offering low fares from the Philippines!


I somewhat feel homeless but I’m definitely happy to backpack again. I’m excited to see new places and to meet new people.

More travel experience post to come. πŸ˜„