Empire Hostel Singapore

So here’s my review about the first ever hostel I stayed at. A lot of bad reviews I’ve read online. This was one of cheapest hostel I found though and was my last option. The review through hostelworld is limited to characters so I couldn’t write these all. I’m hoping travellers will see this and help them decide whether to stay here or not.

Initially, I booked 1 week after seeing some parts of the hostel but I extended and stayed for total of 2 weeks and 2 nights. Kim is the manager and she’s the only one who runs the hostel. Please read the “Property Information” of the hostel before you make a reservation through hostelworld.com Everything is mentioned there except the key deposit of $30 which is refundable on your departure. Also, the service charge is now 12%. For example; you booked for two nights with total of SG$25.00. The 12% deposit for hostelworld is SG$3.00. It will tell you that the balance to be paid when you arrive is SG$22.00 but since the hostel adds service charge of 12%, you still have to pay $25.00. This is just how it works so either go for it or go somewhere else.

The hostel is in between Boon Keng and Potong Pasir MRT station. Either way is more or less 10 minutes walk. I think Potong Pasir is closer to walk but if you go to Boon Keng there is a bus that stops to “After Moonstone lane”. Once you get off the bus it should be 2-3 minutes walk. The hostel is beside Moonstone Kitchen.

The A/C is being turned off from 11AM-7PM. The only electric fan working is the one by the computer. The fans in the rooms are not working. Also, Kim cleans the place usually between 11AM and 1PM. She will vacuum the floor in your room even when you’re sleeping. People may not like it but I like the fact the she maintains cleanliness of the hostel.

I never had a problem with Kim. I understand her personality and she has been nice to me all throughout my stay. I know there’s a lot of guests who didn’t like her. I guess this just depends on our culture or personality. Just don’t get on Kim’s nerves and you will be fine. Make sure you read and obey to all the signs on the wall.

Kim may not be the kind of host you want but hey, if all you need is a clean and safe place to stay for a reasonable price . . . I highly recommend Empire Hostel.

I didn’t see a lot of pictures online for this hostel so here you go.

IMG_2101 IMG_2098 IMG_2100 IMG_2097 IMG_2099 IMG_2096





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