Phnôm Pênh, Cambodia 2014

I found a round trip ticket through Jetstar from Singapore to Phnom Penh for S$127.00. Without knowing anyone and with the hope of getting a job as English teacher, I decided to fly to Cambodia on July 21, 2014.

I chose to stay in Lovely Jubbly Place. I paid US$10.00 for 3 nights for the 12-bed mixed room. That was cheap! The hostel emailed me immediately after booking through hostelworld. They offered airport transport by tuktuk for US$7.00 which I thought was expensive but I wanted to be safe so I availed the service.

The staff welcomed me with a smile and cold water. They can speak English well which was a good thing.


There was a whole bunch of Australian people in my room but they were not all together. They were going out and a guy named Adam invited me. I did accept the invitation. To my surprise, there were a lot of other people to join us from other rooms. We were total of 12 people. 1 girl from England, myself and the rest were Australians. We went to K-West Restaurant and Cafe which has a bar on the rooftop but we didn’t stay for long because the drinks are expensive. We then went to eat street food. I had kebab for US$3 which I think was expensive for a street food although it was good. They wanted to go to a bar after but I decided to go back to hostel since I was tired and didn’t want to spend too much money.

The next day, I joined a girl from England named Kate to see the city by tuktuk for US$18.00 so we paid US$9.00 each. We went to see Tuol Sleng Museum (US$2.00 entrance fee) Killing Fields (US$6.00 entrance fee) and Russian Market. None of these amazed me. It was cool to know Cambodia’s history but I didn’t think it was worth the money I paid for.


For me, Phnom Penh is expensive for the quality you get. Maybe if I go to Siem Reap, it will change my view about Cambodia. After 3 nights in Phnom Penh, I decided to take a bus to Vietnam.


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I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. I am outgoing but I also love to spend time alone, live for “being yourself”. I love new situations and to meet new people.

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