Singapore 2014

I met a lot of different people from different country by staying in the hostel.

I first met the two awesome young guys from India named Tushar and Ankit. They are Engineering students doing internship at Nanyang Technological University. It was their last weekend though when I arrived. They wanted to go out to take pictures before they leave. We went to Marina Bay and just walked around. They were so amazed by the buildings which I wasn’t since I myself was living in a 43-storey condominium in Makati City surrounded by other tall buildings. I understand though because whenever I go to the country side I get amazed with trees, woods and nice green grass which probably people who live there don’t find it interesting. When I told them I want a real Indian food, they took me to Little India. I forgot the name of the vegetarian Indian food place but I had Dosai for S$2.00. It’s like a crepe filled with potatoes. It was very good but I couldn’t finish it for it was too big for my little tummy. I had a great time with these dudes. They were younger than I am but we connected. They were like my little brothers and for them I was like their “Didi” or sister. When they left Singapore, I told them I will try my best to be in their graduation next year.

tushar n ankit

I next met Jenny from Thailand. When I told her I want to go to Botanic Garden, she offered to accompany me. We had a nice walk in the beautiful garden and we took a lot of pictures! She asked if I eat frog and I told her the last time I had frog was probably when I was 10 years old. She took me to a place where we can have frog. It was cooked in spicy sauce and we ate it with porridge. That was something new to me. It was good!


Then, I met Justin from the US. He was traveling Asia. We went to hike Mt. Faber. It wasn’t as nice as Botanic Garden but it was a nice hike with a nice person. Justin is cool, he was traveling for weeks with one backpack and his fancy camera is occupying half of the space, I thought that was cool. It made me want to do the same thing.

with justin


Finally, I got to reunite with my dear friend Mitch! She has been busy at work so she wasn’t able to meet me sooner. We spent short time together but indeed fruitful.


A Vietnamese family then checked in. A guy named Lam, his parents and his girlfriend. I wanted to go out with them but they had too much in their itinerary! I never got the chance to go with them but little talks in the hostel made us add each other on facebook. I told them I will contact them if ever I get to visit Vietnam.


I met Mark and Ryan, two young guys from Gibraltar (A country I never heard before). We went to Sentosa. It was an all day walk! It was tiring for me and they seemed to still have energy by the end of the day. I felt old. I couldn’t keep up with young people. LOL!

mark and ryan

I decided to see Gardens By The Bay alone! It was too hot and I was sweating like a pig but it was such a beautiful place indeed.


I also met two women from the Philippines named Zarina and Minette. They came to SG to look for a job. Minette told me about Cambodia. She said I could be an English teacher there. Without hesitation, I booked my flight to Cambodia.

I left one of my bags to my friend in SG and just took a backpack with me. Now, I am an official backpacker!


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I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. I am outgoing but I also love to spend time alone, live for “being yourself”. I love new situations and to meet new people.

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