Songkran Festival (Thailand)

Songkran Festival is Thailand’s traditional New Year celebrated for 3 days. It’s like a water festival since people play water along the road. They said the traditional pouring is meant to wash all the bad stuff. 

My friend, Nitty decided to take me to Non Din Daeng to play Songkran. 

Of course, we wouldn’t leave the house unarmed. We loaded two big buckets of water at the back of the truck. We also got water guns. πŸ™‚


We splashed water to people along the way. Kids, elders, people on motorbike, people on bicycle and just anyone we saw. It was more fun to splash water to those who are still dry and those who are not expecting it. 

People splashed water on us too and sometimes we get water with ice so yeah that was cold. 

There were people who will refill your buckets. They get the water from the river. We got free refills four times. 


We finally reached the dam and as expected, it was crowded. There are restaurants there and my friend already ordered the food in advanced so we just had to set up our picnic mat and the food was served. We had delicious fish feast. πŸ™‚



About an hour after we ate, there was a boy who drowned. Everybody went out of the water. It probably took about 10 minutes before the ambulace arrived. The boy is probably 12 years old. No idea if he survived but when I saw the boy while being carried by a man to the ambulance, he was already purple. 

This tragedy brought sadness to everyone. Most people decided to leave the area just like we did. A lot of people left at the same time so what do you expect? Traffic jam!


It was still fun going home because people still play water. People dance on the road. People put powder on your face. Since the car is idle, you have no escape. 


We were all soaking wet until we got back home. I had so much fun! πŸ™‚ 



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