A day in a Longan Farm

My Thai friend, Nitty invited me to come back to Thailand to help her with the English summer class for kids which we started on the 1st of April. 

We did not have any class today so I joined her relatives in their longan farm. The work was just to sit and check the quality of the fruit. We had to cut the excess stems and remove the unripe and the overripe ones. Sounds easy?

We started at 7am and finished at 3pm. It was tiring but the people I was with made it fun. 


I haven’t done this before and sitting for hours like this is very uncomfortable. I wanted to stop but I did not. Their smile and laughter sure encouraged me to keep working. Nobody can speak English. 99% of the time, I had no idea what they were talking about. The 1%? I know when they were talking about me. 😂

When we finished, they had to compute what they earned and then a lady handed me 318 baht ($10) saying “money for you”.


I did not expect to get any money. I thought I was just helping out while trying to get a new experience. 

It felt so good when I got the money in my hand though. I’ve had office jobs ever since so I never earned money this way. It may not be a lot but it is something in Asia specially in the country side. 

Also, I got to take home longans! 


I’m so beat but this experience is definitely something to remember and worth trying. 😊

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I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. I am outgoing but I also love to spend time alone, live for "being yourself". I love new situations and to meet new people.

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  1. […] I first started my adventure when I went to Doha, Qatar to visit my bestfriend. I got a job in logistics after couple of weeks so I stayed. After almost a year, I went back home and worked again in call center for a year. I walked to and from work everyday which usually takes 30-40 minutes. I packed lunch. I resisted frequent clothes and shoes shopping. The money I saved from doing all these went to travel funds. I then quit my job in June 2014 and took off to Singapore in July  where my backpacking started. I traveled solo for total of 10 months in Asia where I made my travel more memorable because I still remember my first farm experience […]



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