Munnar (Kerala, India)

I took a bus from Cochin to Munnar which took about 3 hours and the fare was about 200 INR. It was a non AC bus for 3 hours! 
The bus dropped me off in the bus stop near my guesthouse, Nakshathra Inn. I just had to walk a little bit and there was my place for couple days. It’s being managed by a young man. The place was okay but definitely not well maintained. The guesthouse is about 7km before Munnar City.

The rate was 1500 INR per night including breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast bread. We went trekking through the tea plantation the next morning. It was beautiful. Just beautiful! Once you get a little higher, you will hear nothing but birds and see nothing but greens. Just breathtaking! 

In the afternoon, we went around with his scooter. I saw more beautiful tea plantation landscape. 

We stopped for this ice cream and oh my God the mango was very delicious! I had two and I wish I could have taken more with me. Don’t miss this on your way to Munnar City!

Right next to it, is a cashew store. It was only 40 INR per 100 grams and that was cheap! I bought cashews worth 100 INR. 🙂

On our way back to the guesthouse, he took me to this place I don’t know where it’s at nor what they call it but it was right by the Muslim Mosque. 🙂

I had to leave early the next morning to go back to Cochin for my flight to Mumbai. Munnar is certainly one of those places I wish I could have stay longer. 


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I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. I am outgoing but I also love to spend time alone, live for “being yourself”. I love new situations and to meet new people.

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  1. Hey very nice blog and nicely written. Roaming around tea estates in Munnar on scooter would have been a bliss. DId he used to turn off the engine on slopes and ride silently to enjoy the tranquil and nature? Me and my sister are also planning to hire a scooter in Munnar and roam around freely. Thanks, Kusum


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