Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I took KTM to Batu Caves from KL Sentral. One way ticket only cost RM 2.00 and the travel time was about 25 minutes.


Once you exit the station, just turn right to Batu Caves. You will pass by this big statue and a temple.

2015/01/img_8877.jpg 2015/01/img_8879.jpg

Then there is this beautiful tall statue of Murugan and the 272 steps to go up to the cave.

2015/01/img_8886.jpg 2015/01/img_8902.jpg

The cave did not fascinate me, maybe because I’ve seen better but going up and down was fun seeing all the monkeys even though they freak me out. You just never know when they’re going to be wild!

2015/01/img_8900.jpg 2015/01/img_8897.jpg 2015/01/img_8896.jpg

There were a lot of pigeons on the foot of the cave. I sure had fun feeding them.

2015/01/img_8957.jpg 2015/01/img_8956.jpg 2015/01/img_8971.jpg 2015/01/img_8964.jpg

On my way out, I saw a woman offering hand tattoo for RM 5.00. That was cheap so I had one. This is my first ever henna tattoo ever! Literally! 😊

2015/01/img_9040.jpg 2015/01/img_8965.jpg 2015/01/img_8966.jpg


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