First Night in Reggae Mansion KL

I checked in and Lovely, a Filipina receptionist greeted me with a smile. Reggae Mansion Hostel is a bomb. I really like it here.

I am in a 24-bed dorm. It sounds crazy and this is the biggest dorm I have ever been. The room is very spacious though and since the bed has curtain, you still get your privacy.



After the tiring bus ride from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, I fell asleep in my comfortable bed after I freshened up. I woke up around 6PM and when I went downstairs I found out that they have a BBQ night on the rooftop for 18RM. Jake, a Filipino staff accompanied me upstairs. He also introduced me to the other staffs on duty.




They took me to Reggae Bar after midnight. We danced and had another drink there too.




The Reggae Mansion staffs gave me a blast on my first night in KL. I am definitely extending my stay!

5 thoughts on “First Night in Reggae Mansion KL

  1. Hi i want to try solo travelling…isn’t it difficult to make new friends in the dorm? Iam filipina and most of backpackers there are Caucasians.


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