Penang, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand

Before I left Penang, I had breakfast with the two Chinese girls at the Dimsum place.


I took a bus from Komtar bus station to the ferry terminal and again the fare was MYR 1.40. I didn’t have to pay anything to board the ferry back to the train station. I arrived around 1pm and the train departed at 2:13PM.


The train had these chairs at first.


After 2 1/2 hours, we arrived at the border where we got our exit stamp on the right side and entry stamp to Thailand on the left side. We stayed there for at least 2 hours though. The counter was slow and we waited for the extension of the train.

The chairs were then converted to beds at 8PM. This time, I had the top one which was smaller than the bottom bed.

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Around 8AM, they started serving breakfast to those who ordered food. I was already awake and we requested to convert our beds back to chairs. Then there’s this beautiful sunrise.


At exactly, 11:50AM Bangkok time, we arrived at Bangsue station.


I got off here and walked a little to MRT station to get to where Siamaze Hostel is. From Sutthisan station, it was about 10 minutes walk. I paid 490 Baht for a 4 bed dorm for one night including simple breakfast. This is a little over my hostel budget but definitely worth it after a long hours on the train. There is nothing bad I can say about this hostel, or should I call it a hotel. 😊

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