Hoi An, Vietnam

My travel time from Dalat to Hoi An took 18 hours including couple hours stop in Nha Trang. I paid VND 350,000 for bus ticket.

I chose Hoa Binh Hotel for $8/night including breakfast. They picked me up from the bus stop and I got a 3-bed room which was nice.


Their buffet breakfast was awesome including unlimited milk, coffee, tea or juice. This is a typical hotel though and I prefer homestyle type of a hostel.

What was there in Hoi An? I think all they had was the Ancient Town and the beach nearby. I’m from the Philippines (a country surrounded by islands) so I am not really excited to go to the beach.

I went to Ancient Town. I bought a ticket worth VND 120,000 to get to 5 different places inside.

IMG_4926.JPG IMG_4834.JPG IMG_4924.JPG IMG_4925.JPG

In my opinion, Ancient Town in Hoi An is nice but boring. It’s just a village full of clothing and souvenir stores, coffee shops and restaurants. It would have been nice it there were more houses than stores.

I was disappointed because almost all the travelers I met, they said Hoi An was the best.

I decided to leave to Hanoi the next day since there weren’t much to do in Hoi An.


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