Peru Hop: 3-day Tour From Lima

After my Machu Picchu Adventure, I headed back to Lima with extra few days before I fly out to explore the city and to relax but my plan changed when I saw Peru Hop’s advetisement in my hostel offering to discover the southern coast of Peru which sounds pretty interesting. 

Peru Hop offers safe, flexible and fun travel. Did I get all those? You be the judge!

I went to their website and abruptly booked their 3-day Tour from Lima for US $159. They accept international credit card and the process was hassle free.


Aside from the 2 nights accommodation, the package also includes the fees for the Paracas Natural Reserve, Ballestas Islands, and the Dune Buggy and Sandboard. 

DAY 1:

I went on a Saturday so the bus was scheduled to leave at 6AM. I was advised by email that I’d be picked up between 4:50am and 5:10am. To my surprised, the hostel’s doorbell rang at exactly 4:50AM by Peru Hop’s staff. I honestly expected them to be late lol. We picked up other passengers on the way and believe it or not, the last pick up was at 6:00AM. So we left on time and that gave me a good first impression about Peru Hop because I am very, very particular when it comes to time. 

When the passengers were all boarded, our english speaker tour guide, Maurice oriented us on our activities for the day and handed our Peru Hop wristband. We were also given a copy of our whole itinerary which is very nice because you won’t be puzzled about what’s going to happen next and it contains information that will truly set your expectations. It was written in English and in an entertaining  way too. 😉


We arrived Paracas at around 10:10AM. I was accompanied to Kokopelli Hostel with two other people. It was just enough time to check in and get breakfast before the Natural Reserve tour at 11AM.

This place is very relaxing. We were given 30 minutes to enjoy the peaceful view and the peaceful sound of the water. 

After the tour, I decided to get lunch at their suggested Restaurant Paracas who offers a special menu for Peru Hoppers. 

You can choose an appetizer and a main dish for only PEN 29.90. 

I opted for ceviche and arroz con mariscos. Their ceviche was a bomb and as of writing, I am still salivating. I tried their pisco sour which of course I had to pay extra and it was the best pisco sour I’ve had in Peru!

The rest of the day was all mine and I chose to just chill at my hostel to make sure I’m all rested for the next day’s itinerary. 
Day 2:

Visiting Ballestas Island was the activity for this day. We left the meeting point at 10:05AM. Unfortunately, we had to wait about an hour before we actually got on the boat. 

I captured this bird on our way and how I wish I could also fly like birds. 😊

As we were not allowed to get too close to the natural habitat of these birds, sealions and tiny penguins, we were just on the boat but close enough to get a good view of these beautiful creatures.   



The overall Ballestas Island tour took an hour. It got really hot so sunscreen protection and sunglasses are a must. 

When we finished the tour, we had enough time for lunch  before the bus to Huacachina at 2pm. It was about an hour bus ride. They gave me Casa Arenas for my accommodation. The rest of the day was all mine and I again chose to just chill in my hostel. 


Day 3:

The last activity was the dune buggy and sandboard. We were picked up at 4PM. 

Our driver was a crazy, fun man. I can’t even find a word to describe how crazy the dune buggying went. He is an awesome, amazing, crazy driver. I’m not even sure if I’d want to be able to drive like him.  LOL!


I’ve never done sandboarding before but I sure had fun. This adrenaline activity was just sooooo much fun. 

After the sandboarding, it was time for sunset and our driver took us to a very beautiful spot. 

He asked us to lay down for 3 minutes with our eyes closed. It was so quiet, it was so relaxing, it was so peaceful. 

Oh, did I mention that our driver is such a good photographer too? He took all these wonderful photos. He totally nailed it and he absolutely deserved the tip! 



 Before we called it a day, we stopped  to get a nice view of the oasis. 


 We headed back to the hostel at 6:05PM. Just enough time to get rid of the sand and grab my bag for my 6:30pm bus back to Lima.

Before we reached Lima we were given a Peru Hop’s keychain and were told to drop by at Peru Hop’s office to get a free t-shirt. I arrived at my hostel around 11:45pm. The next morning, I went to Peru Hop’s office to claim my free shirt. Who doesn’t want that? I was assisted by Pete and Jennifer who were very, very friendly and accommodating. 


My overall experience with Peru Hop was indeed pleasant. The tour guides were friendly and attentive. For their two years in the business, Peru Hop surely knows how to take care of the travelers whether a group or solo traveler like myself. I’m glad they exists because it sure made my trip hassle free and I felt safer.

I definitely made a good abrupt decision purchasing their tour package. The price I paid was definitely worth it and the fun I experienced was absolutely priceless! 

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re already in Peru or just planning your trip, check out what can do for your travel. 😉


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