Great finds at Centro Comercial Santafé

Today, I decided to go to Centro Comercial Santafé which is said to be the fourth largest mall in Colombia. 


I went there for “window shopping”. 

The first store that caught my attention is Jugar (specializes in sports and hobbies). I was hoping that they sell pepper spray which I’ve been looking to buy since I arrived in Colombia almost two months ago. I searched on google as to where I can buy it but I didn’t find any information.

I walked in even though I was afraid that the staff wouldn’t even know what pepper spray is but as the young male staff approached me, I asked him about it and he immediately knew what it was and showed me 3 different options. The cheapest they have is COP 25,000 but it’s a little too big for me. I wanted something I can easily put in my pocket so I bought this one for COP 45,000. 

I used to carry pepper spray all the time (thankfully, I never had to use it yet) but prior to coming to Colombia, I gave mine to my mother. I didn’t want to carry it with me since I didn’t know what kind of rules Colombia has when it comes to bringing stuff in the country. I feel more confident with this specially when in a taxi or walking alone. I’m glad I got one now! 

As I kept walking around, I saw Sally Beauty! 

Sally Beauty is one of my favorite store in the US. I used to get a lot of freebies from them for being a regular customer. Seeing Sally Beauty here in Bogota was totally a surprise. The saleslady said it’s the only one in Bogota opened 5 months ago. I like curling my hair but one thing I couldn’t find at Carulla, Jumbo or Exito is a heat protector for my hair. I knew Sally Beauty has it! I walked in and there were my options! I bought the same thing I used to buy in the US. Mira Curl and Argan Oil Dry Scalp Treatment made by BaBylissPRO. I also bought my favorite hair conditioner by Tigi Pro! I am a happy lady indeed! 😊

I spent around USD 40 at Sally Beauty but these are something I can use for a month or so. After stopping at this store, I decided to go home before I spend more money in this mall. LOL 

I hope this post will help people especially expats in Colombia. Should you need anything for your hair or want to have a pepper spray for self defense, Centro Comercial Santafé is a place to go. 😊


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  1. Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for making this post. I hope the information is still current. My friend has been robbed more than once in Bogota and she carries no protection. I’m going to take her to that store when I arrive (for the first time!) in Bogota in a couple days.


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