Jaipur to Agra

I went to the ticket resevation office in Jaipur where window 1 is dedicated to serve foreigners and senior citizens. I filled out a form and luckily there was available seat to Agra the next day when I intend to leave but it departs at 7:05AM. The guy said the next train is not until 3PM so I took the morning one. I was surprised about the fact that it cost 565 rupees for 3 1/2 hours journey. My 18 hours train from Delhi to Jaisalmer was only 460 rupees! Well, I did not ask any question cos I wanted to leave anyway so I just paid and left. 

Later on, I was told that Shatabdi train, chair car class is considered high class so that explained the cost. I was told they will give you news paper and a meal on board so that made me excited. 

I arrived at the train station at 6:30AM. As the train arrived, I already saw how the chairs look comfortable. 

The chairs are like those on economical planes except I think this is more comfortable. You get spacious leg room and the chairs are reclined in a comfortable position. 

As soon as the train departed, a guy gave out news papers (Hindi and English version), served bottle of water and a small tray consists of a packet of biscuit, tea, creamer and sugar. It was followed by a cup and a thermos with hot water.

I was  expecting a meal but this was perfectly fine with me cos these don’t get served on the planes anymore. 

I made myself comfortable and a guy woke me up after an hour to give this tray with a meal. I did not expect this at all.

No idea what that hot meal is but it is definitely vegetarian. It was a little spicy and yummy.

It was followed by a lime juice which was also good. 

What a nice short train ride! ;-)


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I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. I am outgoing but I also love to spend time alone, live for “being yourself”. I love new situations and to meet new people.

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