Ayutthaya, Thailand

I am back in Thailand again. Bryna and I first met in Penang, Malaysia. We are both in Thailand so we decided to share a room together near Khao San Road. We availed Ayutthaya Tour by Olavi Travel Tour Agency for 500 Baht each. It is shared with a whole bunch of people, more or less 20 people.

We were picked up by 7:45am when it should have been 6:55am (Asia time). It took about 1 1/2 hours. We visited 6 temples total. Here are some photos.









It was too hot. We had to wait for other people all the time. We got back around 4pm.

It was hard for me the appreciate everything after seeing Myanmar (Burma). I was still glad I did it though.

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I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. I am outgoing but I also love to spend time alone, live for "being yourself". I love new situations and to meet new people.

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