Old Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

We left Yangon about 8PM and arrived Bagan about 5AM. The taxi from bus station to Old Bagan costs 8,000 Ks even though it was less than 10 minutes drive.

There was an entrance fee of $20 per person which surprised us. Although, this will entitle you to get to all the temples.


On the first day, we did the Mt. Popa for $10 per person on a shared taxi.


According to wikipedia there are 777 steps to get to the top. I did not get to count it but definitely felt like it was 777 steps or more!



On the second day, we rented a bicycle for $2 for the whole day. We cycled through the beautiful temples in Old Bagan. It was breathtaking! The $20 entrance fee was definitely worth it.









We rented a bicycle again on the third day to see more of Bagan.




Being in beautiful Bagan was like stepping back in time. It was dusty. No good internet connection anywhere. Guesthouses use a log book instead of a computer. Locals barely speak English and seem to be always happy.

I wish I got to see more of Myanmar but I’m thankful and satisfied of what I’ve seen in 7 days of stay.

On my second day in Bagan, I joined a group of Koreans which became one of the highlight of my trip in Myanmar. The story will be on my next blog. πŸ™‚

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