Củ Chi Tunnels

We decided to do Cu Chi Tunnels on my last day in Vietnam. The hostel was offering a tour for 130,000 VND/person excluding the entrance fee of 90,000 VND/person. We took a bus instead which cost us 26,000 VND/person round trip. That was way cheaper than the tour package. The first bus took us one hour and 45 minutes. It took one hour just to get out of the crazy city.



The second bus took us about 30 minutes which was a nice ride because all you can see are rice fields. Then there’s the Cu Chi Tunnel.


I thought I wouldn’t fit in here but I did! It was crazy inside. You can imagine how Vietnamese lived during the war. I got wobbly legs after the tour.

IMG_2699[1] IMG_2693[1] IMG_2742[1]IMG_2692[1]

We went to see this beautiful temple and sat by the river before we headed back to the city.

IMG_2713[1] IMG_2732[1] IMG_2728[2]IMG_2738[1]

The next morning, I took a bus back to Cambodia to catch my flight to Singapore. I sure didn’t want to leave Vietnam but I had to.

I then got this message from a Vietnamese girl I hang out with. How sweet!



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