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Ryshel The Explorer

For those of you who doesn’t know my story, I spent almost 8 years being the breadwinner of the family. I supported my two younger sisters from high school to their college even though I didn’t get to have my own college diploma. Thanks to Call Center industry in the Philippines which paid well so…

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Matamata, NZ

I luckily found a couchsurfing host in Matamata (well in the suburb actually). I didn’t expect it would be in the so this is like a dream come true to me since I’ve been wanting to stay in the farm.  This is the house!  Simon gave me this room for 3 nights with an awesome…

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I decided to do backpacking with so little money in hand. I only wanted to go back to Vietnam so SG is not in my budget but when I was searching for flights, a one way flight from Manila to Singapore and a one way flight from Singapore to Vietnam is way cheaper than a…

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