Sky Tower

Sky Tower is an icon of Auckland's sky line. I recently did the Sky Jump. It's basically base jumpimg by wire 192m off the tower. I have done Skydiving and the Kawarau Bungy Jumping last year so this Skyjump was just okay but still fun. I must admit I still freaked out at the start but totally enjoyed every seconds of it after I jumped. 

They didn't have a photographer. They strapped a gopro and that takes just the video where you can just take a screenshot but mine wasn't thag good because of the sleeves of the suit. I honestly don't think suit was necessary. 

Now, what are the odds that my Queenstown kawarau bungy jumping master Jaime is going to be my sky tower master as well here in Auckland. That was 7 months ago in the South Island and I wasn't expecting to see him again ever LOL. 

Oh yeah, make sure you tie your hair up before you jump!!! 

I checked out the observation deck which was pretty cool. 

I capped off the night with a nice three-course dinner at Orbit Restaurant. 

I also spent some time at the casino. I won some money then I lost all. LOL! I had fun though. 😂

These activities are definitely a must do when in Auckland. 😉